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Mousse Filled Easter Eggs

Mousse Easter Eggs

This is a fun dessert to serve at Easter, both kids and adults will love it! The chocolate eggs are tasty and fun and the 3 different flavoured mousse makes this pudding interesting, it's like being at a dessert buffet, you get to try a little of everything!

I use Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs as the shell, everyone loves them, they're also quite easy to open, the chocolate is thick and they're the perfect size so that you get just enough but not too much of each mousse.
Kinder Surprise Eggs

The berry mousse is fresh and fruity, the chocolate is rich and decadent and the white chocolate with almond is creamy and delicious! My friends love all the flavours but they all have a different favourite. If you like playing around with textures, add some grated chocolate to the chocolate mousse.
Prepared Mousse

Ready to be chilled in the fridge

Enjoy this at Easter, or any time really, Kinder Surprise eggs are available all year round!



250ml Double Cream

1 Egg White

85g White Chocolate

85g Milk or Dark Chocolate

tsp Almond Extract

250g Mixed Berries (fresh or frozen & defrosted)

9 Kinder Surprise Eggs (or other) with extra in case of breakages

2 tsp Castor Sugar

For decoration:

Milk chocolate curls, shards or grated

Sliced almonds

Whole Mixed berries



  • Split chocolate eggs in half and set aside
  • Tip: I find it easiest to heat the blade of a knife and carefully cut into the egg at the join at the top of the egg, then holding along the join of the egg on the sides, gently squeeze and pull the halves apart

Prepare Cream

  • Beat or whisk egg white until frothy
  • Pour in cream and beat until soft peaks form
  • Divide into 3 bowls

Prepare White Chocolate and Almond Mousse
White Chocolate and Almond Mousse

  • Melt white chocolate in double boiler and allow to cool
  • Stir almond extract into melted chocolate and mix well
  • Add a spoonful of cream mixture to the melted white chocolate and stir in
  • Gently fold chocolate mixture into remaining cream
  • Spoon into egg shells and chill in the fridge

Prepare Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse Egg

  • Melt milk chocolate in double boiler and allow to cool
  • Add a spoonful of cream mixture to melted chocolate and mix together
  • Gently fold chocolate mixture into remaining cream
  • Spoon into easter egg shells and chill in the fridge

Prepare Berry Mousse
Mixed Berry Mousse

  • Puree 4 Tbsp of berries with 2 tsp castor sugar
  • Mash 3 Tbsp of berries with a fork
  • Fold mashed berries and berry puree into cream mixture
  • Spoon into easter egg shells and chill in fridge

Decorate and Serve

  • Arrange eggs in dessert bowls, stick each egg down with a dab of ganache or melted chocolate to stop them from moving around
  • Decorate chocolate mousse eggs with grated or chocolate curls
  • Decorate berry mousse eggs with whole mixed berries
  • Decorate white chocolate almond mousse eggs with sliced almonds


Mousse Filled Easter Eggs

Makes enough mousse to fill 5 to 6 eggs of each flavour depending on how much you use to fill each egg.


Although I came up with the idea for this dessert in a fantastic epiphany ;)  I used the mousse recipe from Nigella Lawson's white chocolate & mint mousse on to make it happen :)



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