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Mosaic Magic

I bought a brilliant book recently, the Australian Women's Weekly "Easy Cupcakes by Colour" and just had to try out this idea asap! Basically, it's having fun with sweets and cupcakes :)

In the book they had done mosaic cupcakes in pink and blue/green, so I decided to go with blue, green, yellow & red.

I must admit, sometimes when I want to try out an idea I never know if I'm going to be as successful as the pics in the book, they always look so perfectly done. Well, as soon as I started making these, things just fell into place and they looked great. What a brilliant idea!

These cupcakes are eye catching and interesting as well as fun with the different sweets on top. I sat picking off and eating the sweets before even digging into the cupcake, I felt a bit like a kid!

One little tip is to be creative with the sweets you find, a fruit pastille may just look like a round sugar coated gummy sweet, but cut it up and it's a shiny gummy rectangle, or if you buy rope sweets filled with white fondant, cut those up and it's a round white disc with blue, green or red gum border (or in my case, little "flowers").

For these cupcakes I made plain vanilla batter and coloured butter frosting in bright colours. I decorated using smarties, peanut M&Ms, skittles, fruit pastilles & fondant filled ropes, and because blue sweets seems a little harder to find, I used blue jelly beans as well. Yum!

You can use any cupcake batter you like and any icing that's thick and will hold your sweets in place, and of course, the sweet selection you can choose from is limitless, anything goes!

I really do recommend Women's Weekly recipe books, they're filled with fantastic recipes that you know will turn out great and the pictures are really stunning, I find myself browsing through just to look at the photos :)


Inspired by the Australian Women's Weekly "Easy Cupcakes by Colour" :)