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Chocolate. That is all.

I don't really need to say much more about this cake other than Chocolate. It's as simple as that. Well... "simple".

Chewy and dense brownie base, light and airy yet oh-so-decadent chocolate mousse filling, chocolate sponge on top smothered with ganache. The whole cake hugged and made pretty with milk chocolate cigarillos, Lindor truffles and white chocolate roses.

That is the chocolate mousse cake.


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Finally! January's Daring Baker challenge

Our wireless router decided to kick the bucket so I wasn't able to post my Daring Baker challenge on the 27th of the month, but here it is at long last!

We were challenged to make an entremet beautifully wrapped in a biscuit jaconde impreme. Lots of fancy words there!

I made a pear mousse and almond cake entreme finished off with a layer of pear gelee and spiced poached pears. 

The pear mousse was ok, but the part I really loved was the almond cake. Moist, sweet and a great texture, this cake is now on my top 3 list of favourite cakes. Yum!

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Classic or Contemporary Christmas

Do you enjoy a trendy or traditional Christmas?

Either way, here are some Christmas Mini Cakes that you'd enjoy either way.

For the Trendy, we have moist Devil's Food chocolate cake sandwiched with luxurious ganache. All smothered in fondant flavoured with strawberry, blackberry or raspberry, then neatly put together with cute home made sparkly bows and labels. 

For the Traditional, rich fruitcake crammed full of currants, raisins, brandy soaked cherries and nuts. A layer of marzipan in between then covered in festively coloured fondant flavoured with orange, lemon or almond. Also topped with hand made ribbons and labels made with sugarpaste.

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a fantastic festive season :)