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Mmmm.... Brownies!

Chewy, dense and delicous Pecan Nut Brownies with Chocolate Chunks, my first ever bit of dabbling with Brownies. And I tell ya, they were good! Easy too, which is always a bonus when making something so yummy that it'll fix your chocolate craving for the better part of a year ;)

Follow this link to the full post

I've also included June's desktop background download at the end of the Brownie post, hope you like it!


Chocolate. That is all.

I don't really need to say much more about this cake other than Chocolate. It's as simple as that. Well... "simple".

Chewy and dense brownie base, light and airy yet oh-so-decadent chocolate mousse filling, chocolate sponge on top smothered with ganache. The whole cake hugged and made pretty with milk chocolate cigarillos, Lindor truffles and white chocolate roses.

That is the chocolate mousse cake.


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