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A Retro Recipe

I have a soft spot for what I call Retro Recipes. These are recipes used by the Tupperware Generation that I remember while growing up.

This gingerbread loaf recipe is definitely something I remember as a kid. It was (and may still be) my dad's favourite, next to banana bread. 

Warming and fragrant with ginger, a little chewy and amazing still warm out the oven with a good smearing of butter, all washed down with a cold glass of milk, it certainly brings back memories!

I'm taking on the mission of updating or putting a twist on such Retro Recipes, sometimes an overhaul, sometimes just a tweak. In this case, only a tweak. 

I've also paired this delicious quickbread with Orange & Honey Cream Cheese Spread, cooling and complimenting to the warmth and depth of gingerbread. 

Follow this link to the full recipe