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Ulmond or Allmond?

I think I say the word "almond" differently each time. I know my husband sometimes thinks I'm hilarious in the way I say it. Whatever. Potato, pitato. 

Besides, who cares how you say it when all you need to know is that almonds are needed for almond paste which is an essential ingredient in the best almond cake I've every had. 

When I decided to try out the world's best almond cake* ever, I was a little annoyed to find it needed something called almond paste. And that I couldn't find almond paste anywhere. And that it's NOT the same as marzipan. 

I decided to see if I could make it myself, having visions of complicated methods that would take hours to do. 

I was so happy to discover that it's easier to make than toast and only requires three ingredients. w00t!

So, here is a recipe for almond paste so that you too can eat the best almond cake ever. I mean it. I LOVE carrot cake, but this almond cake is very close to stealing its spot on my cake love list. 

Click here for the almond paste recipe and link to David Lebovitz's almond cake

Almond paste

nom nom nom

*It is in fact impossible for me to say that it is the best ever in the world as I have yet to travel every inch of the world, but for now in my world, it is the best according to me. And Andrew.